What is the New System?

Thenewsystem.info is a collaborative vision of an optimized earth that provides the highest quality of living for the Human Race and all living things. There are many useful and practical ways that we could improve the lives of one to billions of people all over the world based on a Universal Standard of Integrity.

RECOGNITION: The New System identifies and recognizes individuals and groups who are working toward improving people’s lives and the environment. Their work needs to be magnified in order to educate, encourage more involvement, and inspire others to work together.

BLUEPRINT: In order to make changes in the world; however, we need to see eye to eye on what a better world looks like first. This website provides a community for creating a blueprint of better world systems and how we can achieve agreed upon goals as the Human Race. All are welcome to collaborate on this website for the betterment of Life. You can register and submit articles and links below.

PREPARATION: The Exiting the Matrix Whole Person Education can provide a basic understanding of the human experience.

If you would like to discuss anything you read or see on this website, feel free to comment on the post to openly discuss it or email us. You are invited to post articles and links on this website as a Contributor. Please fill out the form below to submit comments, articles and links.

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