Universal Standard of Integrity

“We, the People” of earth…

  • believe that all persons on this planet innately deserve to have equal human rights.
  • respect and value insight and wisdom from all persons on this planet.
  • respect the planets resources and protect the welfare of the environment, human life, and animals.
  • are dedicated to educating each other about businesses or organizations that intentionally cause harm to the planet, humans, or animals.
  • recognize the earth as a natural resource for human habitation, consumption, and enjoyment and protect it since it cannot ‘speak’ for itself or protect itself from unmerited consumption & misuse from human beings who use it to unjustly profit and cause irreversible damage and corruption.
  • recognize that each person on earth has the innate opportunity and right to reach self-actualization.
  • believe we each have a duty to ourselves and all other inhabitants of earth to care for and nurture each other and our planet earth.
  • reflect this statement of Integrity in our dealings with others and are dedicated to assisting members to reach self-actualization.

What’s missing from this list?

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