Diversity is a beautiful thing. Even the basic things in life that we enjoy and sometimes take for granted, like fruit, are offered to us in a variety of colors, tastes, scents, shapes, and sizes. True, sometimes we don’t like every kind of fruit; but, that doesn’t mean others can’t like it or that is not healthy to eat. It also doesn’t mean we should smash the fruit on the ground. Even more than fruit, humans deserve so much more respect and appreciation!

The New System upholds the integrity of all people. Our differences make us unique and sometimes those differences can be misleading. For example, someone who you think ‘looks’ like they belong to a certain group may not be part of that group. And vice versa. We live in a day and age when we need to accept people for who they are and stop judging them by their clothing, hairstyle, what they drive, how old they look, etc. The only way to do that is by being open to learning about people who seem different from us.

Not everything is as it seems. For example, one reason why some people don’t like certain fruit is because they had a bad experience with it and they subconsciously created an aversion to it. For example, if you got stung by a bee while you were eating a banana, your subconscious correlates the two together and you end up not liking, especially bees; but, also bananas and maybe even the color yellow. Recognizing where an aversion may stem from can help eliminate unrealistic dislikes and opens you up to a bigger, brighter world!

Another reason, a cool thing I learned about fruit, is that all fruit have seeds; so, cucumbers, green peppers, and tomatoes, are all fruit! Perception and knowledge are key ingredients to having a healthy outlook of all life on earth. I hope this analogy can help you see the value in diversity and encouragement to find out what you may be missing!

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